About us

About GeneMedi (GM)

With strong expertise in Gene&Biogitics discovery, artificial design, and State-of-the-Art Manufacturing, GeneMedi helps accelerate multiple modalities of Macro-Molecule Discovery & Development (M-M D&D), and scalable manufacturing including antibodies, recombinant protein, and multiple types of gene therapeutic vectors and delivery vehicles (AAV, VLP, etc.). GMers believe that interdisciplinary innovation will revolute the global bio-medicine in both therapeutics and diagnostics.

GeneMedi Diagnostics Unit (GDU)

Combined insight of novel biomarkers-ligands science with brilliant capability of Macro-Molecule Discovery & Development (M-M D&D) technology, GDU helps global diagnostic partners in high quality of raw material discovery, development, and application.
GDU believes in Protein&antibody Innovation for more reliable diagnostic solutions.

GeneMedi BGM-X™ Innovative Engine

With years of modalities discovery insight and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, GeneMedi has developed innovative platforms BGM-XTM for big data-driven modalities of biologics and gene therapy scientific discovery and industrial development.

1. VLPxTM-Platform for Types of Virus-like particles development
2. TP-MaxTM-Plaform for Multi-Transmembrane Protein antibody discovery
3. Anti-OptTM-Platform for antibody humanization, evolution and maturation
4. G-NEXTTM-Platform for Novel AAV discovery

Why Genemedi?

Genemedi has established a standardized quality control system and passed the ISO9001:2009 quality technical body certification. In addition, we have 15 software copyrights, 1 authorized patent, and application for invention 6 patents and 6 utility model patents.

As a professional technical service company for gene function research, Genemedi provides honest and high-quality services for scientists and pharmaceutical companies in life sciences. More than 200 articles have used Genemedi’s services and products.

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